Nisga’a Spirit Lava Dancers

Nisga'a Spirit Lava Dancers

Established in 2004, The Nisga’a Spirit Lava Dancers is a group of approximately 20-30 people of all ages based out of New Aiyansh , B.C. Geared toward the spiritual and cultural growth of the children and youth of the Nisga’a Nation, the Nisga’a Spirit Lava Dancers hold the core beliefs of balance and education. They also aim to practice Sayt Kil’im Goot, which is the practice of being of one heart and mind.

In the spring of 2008, the Nisga’a Spirit Lava Dancers received an Aboriginal Arts Development Award to hold a drum and regalia making workshop for their members.

“The children learned all aspects of the Nisga'a culture. We had the opportunity to learn from Peter McKay, (our dance director and Nisga'a Language and Cultural teacher) how to draw designs, make drums, make simple regalia, weave with cedar, learn some Nisga'a songs and dances, and to celebrate our successes with our community.
The children were encouraged to join us when we had our "Gathering of Many Nations" in New Aiyansh. It was very exciting to see the students join in and their parents, family members, friends feeling very proud of their accomplishments.”
-Teresa McMillan