Celestine (Filly) Brigham

Language: Tsilhqot'in
Celestine Brigham (far right).jpg

Home: Stone First Nation
Years Working Towards Language Revitalization: Very many

Celestine (Filly) has taught at Yunesit'in ?Esgul (Stone School) and she always speaks fluently to the children. She teaches plants, animals, colours and song and dance. She also brings Elders in to teach stories and songs to the children.

Celestine has published and produced language materials for the school. She does hands-on activities with the children. We've also had some non-natives here at our school and they really gained first-hand knowledge of the culture and language.

She is always trying to learn new ways to teach the language to our students by going to workshops. If there is a dvd, video or tape, she plays it to the children just to offer them more exposure to the language.

Nominated by Scott Allen and Yunesit'in ?Esgul (Stone School)