Faye Seymour

Language: Tse’khene
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Home: Fort Ware
Years Working Towards Language Revitalization: 25+

Faye Seymour is a Language Champion because of her passion to sustain the Tsek'ene language among the children and adults of Kwadacha Nation.

She has worked over 25 years at Aatse Davie School. She teaches Language and Culture and is in charge of the Language Revitalization Program.

Faye is involved in almost every aspect of the community and she brings her passion for language and culture education into the school. Faye not only "talks the talk," she lives what she teaches to the community.

She spends part of her summers running a Tsek'ene Culture and Science Camp for the youth of Fort Ware. She has also extended her efforts towards the revitalization of traditional medicine for the community.

Nominated by Andreas Rohrbach