Louise Lacerte

Language: Nedut’en
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Home: Burns Lake
Years Working Towards Language Revitalization: Many

Language is Louise Lacerte’s passion and she does everything she can to teach the language.

Her knowledge of language and culture was taught to her by her grandparents, and she sees it as a gift that has been given to her to share with all. She was born into Nedut'en and was raised in Wetsuwet'en, so she can speak, understand and teach both dialects.

Louise teaches in a regular classroom and always tells her students that the most important teaching she has to share is the language and culture. Her goal is that her students gain a sense of pride in who they are.

Louise completed her Masters in storytelling and she talks about the importance of language and culture and how it has shaped her as a proud Nedut'en and Wetsuwet'en person.

She is well-respected by all the students who have had the privilege of working with her.

Nominated by Jackie Williams