Kwosel (Star) Pettis

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Home: Seabird Island Band
Years Working Towards Language Revitalization: 30+

Kwosel is a language champion because of her passion for the language and preservation of culture.

A petite Stó:lō woman who has dedicated her life to the preservation and promotion of the Halq'emeylem language, Kwosel creates a classroom that embraces Halq'emyelem.

Star's love for the language came from her work with the early Coquileetza Elders Group, where she cultivated a dictionary of linguistic techniques and tools.

Each day, Kwosel works with everyone from Elders to preschool children. Her sensitivity to others and patience with learners exemplifies a safe and caring environment that is conducive to learning.

She has a talent for making each student of the language feel as though he or she is the only person in the room.

Kwosel encouraged, hosted and assisted with development of the Halq'emeylem Integrated Resource Package.

Kwosel assists local families with naming their children and loved ones by translating and spelling out the names, thus touching generations. She facilitated and encouraged the "traditional" naming ceremony at Seabird Island Community School.

Kwosel is truly a Halq’emeylem Champion.

Nominated by Dianna Kay