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Language Family: Interior Salish

Dialects: Scw’́exmxcin

Language known as: Thompson, Nlaka'pamux, Nlha7kápmx
Key Phrases
NłeʔkepmxA - Nlaka'pamux
ʔéx kʷ n̓B - Hello! (as a greeting)
hén̓łeʔ kʷC - How are you?
NłeʔkepmxcínD - Nłeʔkepmx language
kʷúpiʔE - chief
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Nłeʔkepmxcín D is spoken along the Fraser River from Spuzzum to Lytton, as well as around the Thompson River and in the Nicola Valley. The Nłeʔkepmx A peoples and language are often referred to as the Thompson in older literature.

State of the Language

"About ten percent of our population speak and think in the language fluently but many more are actively learning it".1

First Nation Population Fluent Speakers Understand or Speak Somewhat Learning Speakers
Ashcroft Indian Band22293202
Boothroyd Band3266599
Boston Bar First Nation 4303324
Cook's Ferry629810911
Kanaka Bar Indian Band3204240
Lower Nicola Indian Band510572610577
Lytton First Nation31847364380
Nicomen Indian Band71233752
Oregon Jack Creek Band362010
Siska Indian Band930363840
Skuppah Indian Band3102101
Spuzzum First Nation3210063


Scw’́exmxcin F

This dialect has been called: Nicola Bands

The Scw’́exmx G, "people of the creeks", speaks a different dialect from the other Nłeʔkepmxcín speaking peoples. Their territories are in areas around the town of Merritt and Nicola Lake.

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