X̱aad Kil / X̱aaydaa Kil (Haida)

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Language Family: Language Isolate

Dialects: X̱aaydaa Kil, X̱aad Kil

Language known as: Haida
Key Phrases
X̱AAYDAG̱A GWAAY.YAAYA - Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands)
haws dang hl kangs xahl dii xangal gangB - I'm happy to see you.
haawaaC - Thank you.
aajii hl g̱an dii x̱angal gangD - I’m glad to get this.
IISANG DANG HLL ḴING G̱AS GAE - I will see you again.
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Historically, each village in Haida territory spoke their language a little differently. With the impacts of smallpox, residential schools, and relocation to Indian Reserves, many of the dialects are no longer spoken. The X̱aaydaa (Haida) people now generally live in only three communitiies on their territory: Massett, Skidegate, and Hydaburg (Alaska). Although there are still noticeable differences between the way that elders from different villages speak, there seems to be a lessening of dialect differences according to where the language speakers currently live. X̱aad Kil F is the name for the language as it is spoken in Massett and X̱aaydaa Kil G is the name for the language in Skidegate.

State of the Language

First Nation Population Fluent Speakers Understand or Speak Somewhat Learning Speakers
Old Masset Village Council129432722
Skidegate Band Council2158319565


X̱aaydaa Kil

This dialect has been called: Skidegate Haida

The people of Skidegate call their language X̱aaydaa Kil. Although there were many different dialects spoken by elders in Skidegate, over time the differences between these dialects are decreasing. Language teachers in Skidegate often write the phonetic spellings from their dialect in capital letters.

X̱aad Kil

This dialect has been called: Massett Haida

The people of Old Massett Village call their language X̱aad Kil. Although there are five dialects that are spoken by elders in Old Massett, over time the differences between these dialects are decreasing.
Listen to Mary Swanson's explanation of the dialects H.

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