X̱aad Kil / X̱aaydaa Kil (Haida) Resources

Key Phrases
X̱AAYDAG̱A GWAAY.YAAYA - Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands)
haws dang hl kangs xahl dii xangal gangB - I'm happy to see you.
haawaaC - Thank you.
aajii hl g̱an dii x̱angal gangD - I’m glad to get this.
IISANG DANG HLL ḴING G̱AS GAE - I will see you again.
NonnieG - grandmother
t’siineeH - grandfather
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Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
Old Masset Village Council1Xaad Kil slogan t-shirtsInfo
Old Masset Village Council2five year plan Info
Old Masset Village Council2School District # 50 and Chief Matthews programs Info
Old Masset Village Council2Post Secondary Adult Proficiency Program Info
Old Masset Village Council2Recording system XKHSInfo
Old Masset Village Council2Haida Animations Info
Old Masset Village Council2Haida Song Book Info
Old Masset Village Council2Haida Legends children CD's and books Info
Old Masset Village Council1Haida Legends CD's (in both Xaad Kil and English)Info
Old Masset Village Council1Set of Xaad Kil learning cd's (vocabulary focus)Info
Old Masset Village Council3Haida Language AssessmentInfo
Old Masset Village Council3Language Curriculum K4 to grade 2Info
Old Masset Village Council3SFU Language Proficiency ProgramInfo
Old Masset Village Council3Storytelling Website www.haidanation.caInfo
Old Masset Village Council3Alaskan dictionaryInfo
Old Masset Village Council3Alaskan verb endingsInfo
Old Masset Village Council3Learning Haida word for wordInfo
Old Masset Village Council3Haida lessons CDsInfo
Old Masset Village Council1Xaad Kil 'Year One' curriculum Info
Old Masset Village Council4Haida Legends CD's and booksInfo
Old Masset Village Council4five year planInfo
Old Masset Village Council4School District # 50 and Chief Matthews programsInfo
Old Masset Village Council4Post Secondary Adult Proficiency ProgramInfo
Old Masset Village Council4Haida Song BookInfo
Skidegate Band Council5Phrases CDs #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8Info
Skidegate Band Council5Lessons 47-68 CDs #1,2Info
Skidegate Band Council5Conversational CD #1Info
Skidegate Band Council5Prayer CD #1Info
Skidegate Band Council5Skidegate Place Names CDInfo
Skidegate Band Council6Skidegate Haida GlossaryInfo
Skidegate Band Council6Map Project - Gwaii Haanas Place NamesInfo
Skidegate Band Council6QCI Reader CD'sInfo
Skidegate Band Council6Phrases CD #1-10Info
Skidegate Band Council6GiiahlGlalang Stories CDInfo
Skidegate Band Council6Grammar Lessons CDInfo
Skidegate Band Council6Mammals CDInfo
Skidegate Band Council6Fish CDInfo
Skidegate Band Council6Birds CDInfo
Skidegate Band Council6First Voices Internet ProjectInfo
Skidegate Band Council7Skidegate Haida Language Glossary (over 13000 words)Info
Skidegate Band Council7Map Project- 700 + Place Names for Gwaii HaanasInfo
Skidegate Band Council7QCI Readers CDsInfo
Skidegate Band Council7Phrases CDs #1-10Info
Skidegate Band Council7GiiahlGalang Stories CDs Info
Skidegate Band Council7Grammar Lessons CDsInfo
Skidegate Band Council2Haida Immersion Program - building curriculum Info
Skidegate Band Council8Haida Immersion Program - Building CurriculumInfo
Skidegate Band Council8Haida Immersion Program – building curriculumInfo
Skidegate Band Council8Updated Glossary, & books are digitized & CD's Info
Skidegate Band Council9Nanu Kil (50 baby talk phrases). GiiahlGalang Stories CD 1, 2 A&B, 3, 4A&B Xaayda Alphabet CD, Lessons 1-20 CD #1, 2, 3. Lessons 21-46 CD #1, 2 Info
Skidegate Band Council9Phrases CD #1, 2 (500+ Phrases). Phrases CD #3, 4, 5 (250+phrases). Conversational CD #1Info
Skidegate Band Council9Lessons 47-68 CD #1, 2 . GiiahlGalang Stories CE #5A&B, #6A&BInfo
Skidegate Band Council9Phrases CD #6, 7, 8, (250 phrases) GiiahlGalang stories CD #7A&BInfo
Skidegate Band Council9Prayer CD #1, Skidegate Place names CD, Hiadia Stories CD. Video- counting 100, birds 70, invertebrates 50,A story of Creation. Info
Skidegate Band Council9Language resources - Glossary 330 pages (10500+ words) Map project - 4CD pkg. 700+ Place Names. In class CD recordings of haida 544 CD's. Xaayda Bingo (DiiGway - 75 words) Grammar Lessons #1-5. Hydaburg Grammar Lessons #1-6. Info
Skidegate Band Council9Video tape of special SHIP activities/field trips/prayers 30 hrs. Digital Camera images of Elders 700+. Still photos of all Elders taken by Photo journalist Farah Nosh.Info
Skidegate Band Council9Conversational Haida language Recording sessions (2 or more speakers conversing in Haida - subjects & topics to vary) First Voices Internet Project - 500 phrases and 2000 workds. Display pictures Haida word - Parks Canada Literacy Group Project (33). Info
Skidegate Band Council9Completed video projects - fish 62, mamals 52, supernatural beings 15. Life Biography on all SHIP Elders. Cumshewa village Legend -told by Watson PryceInfo
Skidegate Band Council5Nanu Kil (50 Baby Talk Phrases)Info
Skidegate Band Council5GiahlGalang Stories CDs #1,2a,2b,3,4a,4b,5a,5b,6a,6b,7a,7bInfo
Skidegate Band Council5Xaayda Alphabet CDInfo
Skidegate Band Council5Lessons 1-20 CDs #1,2,3, Info
Skidegate Band Council5Lessons 21-46Info



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