Clara Camille

Language: Secwepemctsín
Nation: Canoe Creek
Canoe Creek, Clara Camille.jpg

Clara Camille is a Secwepemc Elder from the Canoe Creek Band. Clara enjoys teaching the Secwepemc Language and Culture to anyone who is willing to learn and she uses any opportunity to speak the language with the Secwepemc Elders throughout the territory.

Clara has worked as the Language and Culture Instructor intermittently for three years for the Dog Creek Elementary School and most recently she was also one of two mentors for the First Peoples’ Heritage, Language and Culture Council’s Master-Apprentice Program and was one of the instructors for the language immersion course in the community.

In addition to the classroom setting, Clara is one of the community Elders who are very often called on to assist members to go out into the territory to collect medicines, build sweathouses, provide Secwepemc place names, etc.

Although Clara has been teaching for many years, she readily admits that one of her goals is to work on learning to write the language, as this is one of the areas she finds challenging when she is trying to assist students who have begun learning the language in the school.

Clara continues to be an avid learner who willingly participates in courses and workshops to increase her own knowledge and teaching skills to instruct and promote Secwepemcstin. This summer she will be participating as a student and assisting in the Secwepemc Language Programs being coordinated by the Weekend University Program in the territory.

Clara is our Language Champion because she is a role model who readily gives much of her life to promoting and teaching the Secwepemc Language and Culture.

Nominator: Marilyn Camille