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Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
Ditidaht First Nation1lesson plansInfo
Ditidaht First Nation1first voicesInfo
Ditidaht First Nation1dictionarayInfo
Ditidaht First Nation1recording of eldersInfo
Ditidaht First Nation1Elder's Info
Ditidaht First Nation212 writting lesson plansInfo
Ditidaht First Nation2Fluent speakers in classroomsInfo
Ditidaht First Nation2Rough classroom lessonsInfo
Ditidaht First Nation252 audio tapes of stories/history Info
Ditidaht First Nation3Rough classroom lessons, adapted dailyInfo
Ditidaht First Nation3First Voices archiveInfo
Ditidaht First Nation3draft dictionaryInfo
Ditidaht First Nation3Nuuchahnulth draft IRP (provincial curriculum)Info
Ditidaht First Nation3Audio tapes of stories, songs, and historyInfo
Ditidaht First Nation412 writing lesson plansInfo
Ditidaht First Nation4Fluent speakers in classroomInfo
Ditidaht First Nation4draft classroom lessonsInfo
Ditidaht First Nation452 audio tapes of stories/historyInfo
Ditidaht First Nation1Ditidaht stories by our elder'sInfo
Ditidaht First Nation1Our EldersInfo
Lake Cowichan First Nation5Hul'qumi'num Language DictionaryInfo
Lake Cowichan First Nation5Hul'qumi'num HandoutsInfo
Pacheedaht First Nation6recordings of elder's historyInfo
Pacheedaht First Nation7Recording of eldersInfo
Pacheedaht First Nation7Traditional use studyInfo


Bibliography of Materials on the Diitiidʔaaʔtx̣ Language

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