Nedut’en Resources

Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
Cheslatta Carrier Nation1Nyan Whut'en Hubughunek, Cheslatta Carrier Nation DictionaryInfo
Cheslatta Carrier Nation2CCN archivesInfo
Lake Babine Nation3Ned'ut'en Habikinic Info
Lake Babine Nation4Recordings of songs and some storiesInfo
Lake Babine Nation4Some trade books that are transferredInfo
Lake Babine Nation4theme charts in Nadut’en (i.e. bears, seasons, etc)Info
Lake Babine Nation5Carrier (Nadut'en) Language DictionaryInfo
Lake Babine Nation5Teacher Made ResourcesInfo
Takla Lake First Nation6Oral recordings from language experts vocabularly lists, stories, video clips, songsInfo
Takla Lake First Nation6Potlatch: Cultural Community gatherings usually involved around a time in mourning(stories, songs teachings)Info