Dane-Zaa (ᑕᓀ ᖚ) Resources

Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
Doig River First Nation1Beaver Plant BookInfo
Doig River First Nation1Beaver DictionaryInfo
Doig River First Nation1Introduction to Conversational BeaverInfo
Doig River First Nation1Introdcution to Conversational Beaver DVDInfo
Doig River First Nation1Beaver Language PrimersInfo
Doig River First Nation1Beaver Animal BookInfo
Doig River First Nation1Beaver TalesInfo
Doig River First Nation2CD Roms Info
Doig River First Nation3Beaver Alphabet bookInfo
Halfway River First Nations3Beaver Alphabet BookInfo
Halfway River First Nations4BookInfo
Halfway River First Nations1Introduction to conversational beaver cd and bookInfo
Prophet River First Nation5an older self-made dictionary Info
West Moberly First Nations62008/09 Beaver Language Project Booklet and CD (Near completion)Info
West Moberly First Nations7Cree language being taughtInfo
West Moberly First Nations7dance, arts, crafts and cookingInfo
West Moberly First Nations6WMFN Children’s Colouring Book # 2 (near completion)Info
West Moberly First Nations6Ten ½ hour sessions of curriculum (Near Completion)Info
West Moberly First Nations8Books and CDsInfo
West Moberly First Nations6WMFN Children’s Colouring Book # 1Info
West Moberly First Nations62007/08 Beaver Language Pilot Project Booklet and CD Info



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