Ktunaxa Resources

Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay)1Student-authored Ktunaxa A booksInfo
yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay)1Ktunaxa Flash Card cd romInfo
yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay)1One Green Tree ReaderInfo
yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay)1Words and phrases in the work placeInfo
yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay)1FirstVoicesInfo
yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay)1Curriculum developmentInfo
yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay)1Childrens cd romInfo
yaqan nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay)1Traditions and Technology cd romInfo
ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit (Tobacco Plains Band)2Language CurriculumInfo
ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit (Tobacco Plains Band)2Flash cards – number & alphabetInfo
ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit (Tobacco Plains Band)2Articulation boardInfo
ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit (Tobacco Plains Band)2Signage- cupboards Info
ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit (Tobacco Plains Band)2WAYK MethodInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)3First VoicesInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)3Elementary K-5 CurriculumInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)3Primary ReaderInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)4Ktunaxa School CurriculumInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)4Ktunaxa Pop CDInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)4Ktunaxa LegendsInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)4A few Ktunaxa Children's booksInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)5Ktunaxa LagendsInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)5Kootanai DictionaryInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)5Grammer RulesInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)5One Green TreeInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)5KyukyitInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)5Ktunaxa RosaryInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)5Ktunaxa PopInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)5Early Intermediate ResourceInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)5Baby bath bookInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)6Variety of print class room resourcesInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)6Curriculum development (k-gr. 5)Info
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)6One green tree readerInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)3Student Authored BooksInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)3Aqam Lesson 1Info
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)3Skinkuc KupiInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)3Aqam lesson TwoInfo
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band)3Ktunaxa AlphabetInfo



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