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Key Phrases
alhalatsicwliwanuks alh ti suuncwt? - how are you today?
axw ku kwmanu!A - Good bye
stutwiniitscwB - thank you
yaw smatmcC - hello friend
NuxalkD - Nation of the Bella Coola Valley
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  • A children's language class is held weekly at the Nuxalk D Nation operated Acwsalcta School;
  • a children's language class is held weekly at the District 49 elementary school;
  • an adult language class is held at the Lip'alhlayc College;
  • the Nuxalk Nation has language audio recordings from 1923 up to cuurent day;
  • and, there is curriculum that has been developed for langauge education in K-4 but this has not been implemented yet.



Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
Nuxalk Nation1Nuxalk Language classes - adultsInfo
Nuxalk Nation1Nuxalk language classes - children & youthInfo
Nuxalk Nation1Nuxalk cultural programsInfo
Nuxalk Nation2Nater's Nuxalk Part 3Info
Nuxalk Nation22013-2015 Language Recordings - several hundred hoursInfo
Nuxalk Nation2Collection of stories, texts, prayers, and prepared activities (250pp)Info
Nuxalk Nation2Nater's dictionaryInfo
Nuxalk Nation2Nater's teaching guideInfo
Nuxalk Nation2First Voices recordingsInfo
Nuxalk Nation3Dictionary by Hank NaterInfo
Nuxalk Nation3Curriculum by Hank NaterInfo
Nuxalk Nation3SFU Curriculum by Marion IgnaceInfo
Nuxalk Nation3First Voices websiteInfo
Nuxalk Nation3Bella Coola Grammar Book by Ross SaundersInfo
Nuxalk Nation4Various sources such as Naders Nuxalk to English DictionaryInfo
Nuxalk Nation4A complete list will be added at a future date.Info
Nuxalk Nation4Naders Dictionary and Teacher GuideInfo
Nuxalk Nation4First voices recordingsInfo
Nuxalk Nation5Nuxalk Part 3 (Hank Nater)Info
Nuxalk Nation5The Bella Coola Language (Hank Nater)Info
Nuxalk Nation5Nuxalk Introductory CurriculumInfo
Nuxalk Nation5Language Recordings (600-700 hours)Info
Nuxalk Nation5A Grammar of Bella Coola (Ross and Saunders)Info
Nuxalk Nation5Transcribed stories (200 pages)Info
Nuxalk Nation5Transcribed prayers, speeches (20 pages)Info
Nuxalk Nation5Nuxalk RadioInfo


Nuxalk Nation's website language page:,com_wrapper/Itemid,137/

Nuxalk alphabet & font available through Language Geek:

Yinka Déné Language Institute's Bibliography of Nuxalk Language Materials:

Nuxalk Language Wikipedia entry:

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