Tsay Keh Dene

Language: Tse’khene
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Historically known as: Ingenika Indian Band

Contact Information:
Tsay Keh Dene Band
11-1839 First Ave
Prince George, BC
V2L 2Y8
ph. (250) 562-8882
fx. (250) 562-8899

The Tsay Keh Dene speak Tsek'ene and have their main community at the northern end of the Williston Lake reservoir. The Tsay Keh's traditional territory spans north to Mt. Trace, west to South Pass Peak, south to the Nation River, and east to Mount Laurier.1

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 20 2
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 25 2
Learning Speakers: 56 2

Community Information

Population: 424 2
Internet Connectivity: High-Speed3

The main community has about 50 houses, an administration office, health centre, school, fire hall, and recreation centre.3