W̱JOȽEȽP (Tsartlip)

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Historically known as: Tsartlip First Nation

Contact Information:
Tsartlip First Nation
PO Box 70
Brentwood Bay, BC
V8M 1R3
ph. (250) 652-3988
fx. (250) 652-3788

W̱JOȽEȽP (Tsartlip) is part of the W̱SÁNEĆ (Saanich) First Nation with territory centred on the Saanich Peninsula and southern Gulf Islands. The W̱SÁNEĆ (Saanich) First Nation is a single Nation that was historically split into four First Nations according to village site by the Canadian government1. Most W̱JOȽEȽP (Tsartlip) members live on the South Saanich 1 reserve in Brentwood Bay, BC.

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 1 2
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 13 2
Learning Speakers: 93 2

SENĆOŦEN clases are held in the LÁU,WELNEW Tribal School that is on the W̱JOȽEȽP (Tsartlip) reserve in Brentwood Bay.

Community Information

Population: 881 2
Internet Connectivity: High-Speed3

In addition to the band office and a number of community facilities, the W̱JOȽEȽP are home to the LÁU,WELNEW Tribal School and the offices of the First Peoples' Heritage, Langauge, and Culture Council.