Xeni Gwet'in

Language: Tsilhqot'in
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Historically known as: Nemiah Valley Indian Band

Contact Information:
Xeni Gwet'in First Nations Government
General Delivery
Nemiah Valley, BC
V0L 1X0
ph. (250) 394-7023
fx. (250) 394-7043

Xeni Gwet'in is located 145 miles north west of Williams Lake and the last 75 miles from Lee's Corner to Xeni (Nemiah Valley) is gravel road.

The Nemiah Aboriginal Wilderness Preserve is our spiritual and economic homeland: from the lakes of Chilko, Taseko and Tatlayoko, where we fish for salmon and trout; to the mountains where we gather wild potatoes and berries; to the pristine forests where we hunt, gather medicinal plants and practice our sacred and spiritual ways.1

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 128 2
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 164 2
Learning Speakers: 177 2
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