Ławitʼsis (Tlowitsis)

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The Ławitʼsis (Tlowitsis) Nation "...territories span the coastal area of Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia from ancient history until the early 1960s. They occupied several village sites scattered across islands along Johnson Straight. Seasonal travel routes, food processing spots, burial and cultural sites and other named places extended across the entire territory. Qalagwis, now known as Turner Island, was their primary winter residence"[[copied from: http://tlowitsis.com/]].

In the 1960s, the British Columbia government closed down the monthly hospital ship and school on Qalagwis. With little prospect of schooling and access to health care, the Tlowitsis community left the island. In the ensuing diaspora, community members have become culturally, as well as physically, removed from their traditional territories. The Tlowitsis Nation (now administered out of offices on Vancouver Island) sits at the extreme edge of a continuum of settlement patterns of contemporary First Nations, with high levels of dislocation and dispersal"[[copied from: http://tlowitsis.com/]].

Community information

Population on reserve: 0
Population off reserve: 0
Total population: 371

Language information

The Tlowitsis Tribe speaks the Kwak'wala dialect.

Historically known as:

Tlowitsis Tribe
(250) 830-1708
(250) 830-1709

LNA 1s

Title Submitted Organization/First Nation/Government Language
LNA6348 - Tlowitsis First Nation Submitted Tlowitsis First Nation Kwak̓wala
LNA6000 - Tlowitsis First Nation Submitted Tlowitsis First Nation Kwak̓wala