Gitga'at Nation

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"From the beginning of time, the Gitga’at people have existed in their Territory on what is now British Columbia's northwest coast. The wellbeing of their people is intricately related to the health of their lands, waters, and resources, and the community continues to work to sustain their abundance and richness. Gitga’at culture is strengthening, and traditional practices continue to shape day to day life in the village."[[quoted from]]

Community information

"The ancestors of the present Gitga’at people lived at their ancestral home Laxgal’tsap (Old Town) in Kitkiata Inlet, on the northwest side of the Douglas Channel."[[quoted from]]

Population on reserve: 128[[8669]]
Population off reserve: 702[[8669]]
Total population: 830[[8669]]

Language information

"The Gitga’at originally spoke Sguuks or Sguumxs (Southern Tsimshian), but adopted the more widely spoken Sm’algyax (Coast Tsimshian)."[[quoted from]]


Number of Fluent Speakers:
Number of Speakers that understand some of the language:
Number of Speakers learning the language:

Historically known as:

Hartley Bay Village Council
Hartley Bay Band
(250) 841-2500
(250) 841-2541

LNA 1s

Title Submitted Organization/First Nation/Government Language
LNA6468 - Gitga'at Submitted Gitga'at Sm̓algya̱x
LNA6249 - Ts'msyen Sm'algya̱x Language Authority Submitted Ts'msyen Sm'algya̱x Language Authority Sm̓algya̱x
LNA3316 - Gitga'at First Nation Submitted Gitga'at First Nation Sm̓algya̱x