Gitxaala Nation

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"The Gitxaala Nation is a First Nations government located at Kitkatla, British Columbia, Canada in the province's North Coast region. It is one of the longest continually inhabited communities in all of "Turtle Island" which is a reference to all of North America. The ancestry of the people living here dates back to 10,000 years! It is a beautiful and peaceful community that values and respects the ideal location and resources on which the people and animals have lived for centuries."[[Text copied from]]

Community information

Population on reserve: 0
Population off reserve: 0
Total population: 0

Language information

The Gitxaala Nation speaks the Sm'algyax language.

Historically known as:

Kitkatla Band
(250) 848-2214
(250) 848-2238

LNA 1s

Title Submitted Organization/First Nation/Government Language
LNA6132 - Gitxaala Ntaion Submitted Gitxaala Ntaion Sm̓algya̱x
LNA3474 - Gitxaala Environmental Monitoring Submitted Gitxaala Environmental Monitoring Sm̓algya̱x