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"At this point in time the primary residence of the Haisla people is Kitamaat Village located at the head of the Douglas Channel on British Columbia's North Coast. For hundreds of years, however, the Haisla people have occupied many village sites throughout their Territory. Currently, Kitamaat Village is home to 700 Haisla people, but in total there are close to 1500 Haisla members."[[173]]

Community information

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Population on reserve: 636[[7961]]
Population off reserve: 1235[[7961]]
Total population: 1871[[7961]]

Language information

The Kitamaat Village Council speaks the Xa"iskakala language.

Xenaksialak̓ala / Xa'’islak̓ala

Number of Fluent Speakers:
Number of Speakers that understand some of the language:
Number of Speakers learning the language:

Historically known as:

Kitamaat Village Council
(250) 639-9361
(250) 632-2840
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LNA 1s

Title Submitted Organization/First Nation/Government Language
LNA6268 - Haisla Nation Council Submitted Haisla Nation Council Xenaksialak̓ala / Xa'’islak̓ala
LNA268 - Haisla Education and Learning Society Submitted Haisla Education and Learning Society Xenaksialak̓ala / Xa'’islak̓ala