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The village of Old Massett is on the northern shore of Graham Island, the largest and most northern island of X̱AAYDAG̱A GWAAY.YAAY (Queen Charlotte Islands). Old Massett was historically four seperate villages: aaw, iijaaw, jagwaal, and ḵ’yang.
Listen to Nonnie Mary explain the historic village locations to Leona Clow:

Community information

Population on reserve: 773[[8683]]
Population off reserve: 2303[[8683]]
Total population: 3076[[8683]]

Language information

Old Massett is home to X̱aada families who previously lived in a number of different villages in their territory. Each village had its own dialect and there are five different dialects that are currenty spoken by residents of Old Massett. Most fluent speakers of X̱aad Kil are now in their 80s and those who understand or speak the langauge somewhat are mostly in their 60s. Younger people are now showing a greater interest in the language and there is hope that community members will continue to learn their language.

X̱aad Kil / X̱aaydaa Kil (Haida)

Number of Fluent Speakers:
Number of Speakers that understand some of the language:
Number of Speakers learning the language:

Historically known as:

Old Massett Band
(250) 626-3337
(250) 626-5440
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LNA 1s

Title Submitted Organization/First Nation/Government Language
LNA6506 - Chief Matthews School Submitted Chief Matthews School X̱aad Kil / X̱aaydaa Kil (Haida)
LNA6473 - X̱aad Kil Nee, Haida Nation Submitted X̱aad Kil Nee, Haida Nation X̱aad Kil / X̱aaydaa Kil (Haida)
LNA6204 - Haida Health Center Submitted Haida Health Center X̱aad Kil / X̱aaydaa Kil (Haida)
LNA3327 - Skidegate Band Council Submitted Skidegate Band Council X̱aad Kil / X̱aaydaa Kil (Haida)