Skatin Nations

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"The community of Skatin (or Skookumchuck) is located on the east side of the Lillooet River, on the 19-Mile Post of the old Harrison-Lillooet wagon road (about 35 kilometres from the head of Harrison Lake). Before the arrival of European settlers, this community was considered to be the largest on the lower Lillooet River, comparable in size to the pre-contact village of present-day Mount Currie (or Lilwat'ul). A moderately sized waterfall on the Lillooet River, about 1 kilometre north of the community, had a significant effect on the size of the community in prehistoric times as well as today. The fall is now commonly known as Skookumchuck Rapids, but the Ucwalmicw [oo-kwal-MEWK] (Lower Lillooet dialect) word for this fall is qmemps (k-MEMP-sh). This site was and remains to be a very abundant fishery, the most abundant on the Lillooet River. Colonial settlers and ethnographers have noted it in historic documents as early as the late 1850's."[[1363]]

Community information

"One distinctive feature of the community of Skookumchuck is their famed Holy Cross Catholic Church, which stands in the centre of the community. The church was built by members of the Douglas, Skatin and Samahquam Bands between 1895 and 1906... The community of Skatin also supports an elementary and junior high school (grades K-9), known as the Head of the Lake School, for the children of In-SHUCK-ch members, the majority of which are from Skatin and Tipella. Forty-four students currently attend this school."[[1363]]

Population on reserve: 95[[8829]]
Population off reserve: 366[[8829]]
Total population: 461[[8829]]

Language information

The Skatin Nations speak Ucwalmícwts (Lower St̓át̓imc).


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Skatin Nations Council
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LNA 1s

Title Submitted Organization/First Nation/Government Language
LNA6536 - Pa'La7Wit Society of the Lower Lillooet Lake Submitted Pa'La7Wit Society of the Lower Lillooet Lake St̓át̓imcets
LNA6512 - Pa'La7Wit Society of the Lower Lillooet Lake Submitted Pa'La7Wit Society of the Lower Lillooet Lake St̓át̓imcets
LNA6220 - Skatin Submitted Skatin St̓át̓imcets
LNA3762 - Head of the Lake School Submitted Head of the Lake School St̓át̓imcets