Wuikinuxv Nation

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The traditional territory of the Wuikinuxv people spans the Central Coast, south of Bella Coola.

Community information

Their main community is on the Wannock (also Wanook, Wanuk) River, between Rivers Inlet and Owikeno Lake, approximately 80 km from Bella Bella, on B.C.'s Central Coast.

Population on reserve: 80[[8641]]
Population off reserve: 120[[8641]]
Total population: 200[[8641]]

Language information

The Wuikinuxv Nation speaks the Oweekyala language.


Number of Fluent Speakers:
Number of Speakers that understand some of the language:
Number of Speakers learning the language:

Historically known as:

Oweekeno Nation
Wuikinuxv Nation
(250) 949-8625
(250) 949-7105
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LNA 1s

Title Submitted Organization/First Nation/Government Language
LNA6457 - Wuikinuxv Nation Submitted Wuikinuxv Nation Oowekyala/’Uik̓ala
LNA3446 - Wuikinuxv Nation Submitted Wuikinuxv Nation Oowekyala/’Uik̓ala