This language is spoken by the Sliammon (ɬaʔaʔmɛn), K'omoks, Klahoose, and Homalco First Nations on the central east coast of Vancocuver Island, adjacent mainland, and the islands in between. Linguists have have called this language "Comox" and "Mainland Comox". There are recognizable differences in dialect between the different First Nations that speak this language.

First NationPopulationFluent SpeakersUnderstand or Speak SomewhatLearning Speakers
K'ómoks First Nation273
Homalco First Nation472[[8603]]
Klahoose First Nation405[[8081]]
Sliammon First Nation1107[[8206]]
Other language names: 
Mainland Comox
Comox Sliammon
Language family: 
Language subfamily: 
Coast Salish