Anishnaubemowin speakers homeland is far to the east of British Columbia. Historically in Canada, Anishnaubemowin homeland extended from Central Saskatchewan to southern Ontario[[289]]. In the 1870s one band of Anishnaubemowin (Saulteau) migrated westward from Manitoba, following their leader's vision. Their journey ended at Moberly Lake, where they settled. In the time since their arrival, they gradually merged with the Nēhiyawēwin (Cree) and Dane-Zaa (Beaver) people already there[[source:]].
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There are now only a few elders among the Saulteau First Nations of Moberly Lake that speak some Anishnaubemowin[[source:]]. The language is still spoken by First Nations people living in other provinces.
First NationPopulationFluent SpeakersUnderstand or Speak SomewhatLearning Speakers
Saulteau First Nations840
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Plains Ojibway
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