Most Danezāgé’ speakers live in the communities of Ross River and Watson Lake in the Yukon and in Lower Post, Good Hope Lake, and Fireside in British Columbia. The dialects of Kaska spoken in different regions differ somewhat in the pronunciation of words and in the terms that are used for certain expressions.[[source: http://kaska.arts.ubc.ca/]]

Statement about language health: 
"The Kaska language has lost its natural and everyday use as the language of the home and work place. Elders and those who do traditional work on the land still speak the native language, mostly among friends and family."[[source: http://www.gov.yk.ca/aboutyukon/language.html]]
First NationPopulationFluent SpeakersUnderstand or Speak SomewhatLearning Speakers
Daylu Dena Council0
Dease River First Nation200[[7975]]
Liard First Nation1072
Other language names: 
kaska Dena
Language family: 
Language subfamily: 
Dene (Athabaskan)