Nuxalk is spoken by the people of the Nuxalk Nation who live primary in the Bella Coola valley on the central coast.

The Nuxalk Nation territory is made up of an amalgamation of four main territorial divisions; Taliyuumc, Sutslhmc, Kwalhnmc and Nuxalkmc. Each group spoke the same language but had its own dialect. In the early 1900’s after the devastation of European influences the people of Taliyuumc, Sutslhmc, Kwalhnmc, moved to the Nuxalk village of Q’umk’uts’. From this event all of these ancestral divisions now use the designation of Nuxalkmc (Nuxalk people) as their nation’s name.[[69]]

Statement about language health: 
Though the number of fluent speakers has not increased, the language is now taught in both the Provincial school system and the Nuxalk Nation's school, Acwsalcta (which means "a place of learning). Nuxalk language classes, if taken to at least the Grade 11 level, are considered adequate second language qualifications for entry to the major B.C. universities.
Other resources: 
  • A children's language class is held weekly at the Nuxalk Nation operated Acwsalcta School;
  • a children's language class is held weekly at the District 49 elementary school;
  • an adult language class is held at the Lip'alhlayc College;
  • the Nuxalk Nation has language audio recordings from 1923 up to cuurent day;
  • and, there is curriculum that has been developed for langauge education in K-4 but this has not been implemented yet.
First NationPopulationFluent SpeakersUnderstand or Speak SomewhatLearning Speakers
Nuxalk Nation1732[[8087]]
Other language names: 
Bella Coola
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