Tutchone is primarily spoken in the Yukon but their territory extends into the northwestern corner of British Columbia. The Yukon Native Langauge Centre identifies Northern and Southern Tutchone as two languages. Of the Southern Tutchone, they say:
"Southern Tutchone... is spoken in the southwestern part of the territory. The Southern Tutchone have always been highly mobile. ...Their traditional areas ranged from theTeslin River in the east to the White River in the west, and from the lower Tatshenshini in the south to the Nisling River in the north. Today there are settlements at Aishihik, Burwash Landing, Champagne, Haines Junction, Kloo Lake, Klukshu, Lake Laberge and Whitehorse. Many of the Southern Tutchone people continue to spend part of the year in subsistence activites, hunting, fishing and trapping in their traditional ranges, such as around Dalton Post, Hutshi Lakes, Bear Lake, and the Nisling Valley."[[source: Yukon Native Language Centre http://www.ynlc.ca/languages/st/st.html]]

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Dene (Athabaskan)