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Language Needs Assessment: LNA5964 - Yekooche First Nation

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Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI)
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Nak’albun - Dzinghubun/Stuart - Trembleur Lake
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Opportunities and Challenges
In a series of community consultations held over the past year, community members have expressed language and culture programming as their number one priority. There seems to be considerable enthusiasm among the youth to gain fluency, and the elders have expressed their interest in passing along the teachings and language as soon as possible. On top of all of this, YFN is hiring a consultant to help us develop language resources now (a dictionary, flash cards, bilingual stories/historical accounts/legends and lesson guides)... which will greatly assist the community as they seek to move into implementing a participatory immersion camp.
YFN is a small community with approximately 100 people living in the village, and a membership of approximately 250. Of those in the village, 40% are under 18, and approximately 55-60% are under 30. Although we have some Dakelh language and culture programming in the school (2 hrs/wk), the younger generation is not fluent. In fact, after conducting an inventory again this week, we have found that less than ten citizens living in the village are fully fluent (including three elders in their 70s and 80s). Therefore it is essential that we move quickly to build fluency among the younger generation and capture the knowledge and teachings from our elders - especially as they keen to share their wisdom before it's too late.