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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6003 - Lytton First Nation Health - Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council

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BC Language Initiative (BCLI)
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There are various spelling / types of alphabets used.
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Opportunities and Challenges
Currently, there is a contracted Traditional Wellness Coordinator, who will provide coordination on implementing the planned project and this will be considered 'in-kind', a real savings. There are many keen community members whose spirits are 'waking up'. Being on the land, using the language, transfer from our Elders/ Old People to the younger generations critical. Learning while doing is key; it is the experiences that help memory. Recording the teachings could provide more words for First Voices. There should be a video of the language speakers saying the words, so you can get your mouth and tongue in the right place to make the real sounds, for those who never had language around them to hear. As we have some funds to match up, feel this is a good investment. Our project will have a living legacy, of visible language use, and materials can be used in many ways of traditional use, out on the land, and at home and in the community.
Time. Time is something that slips by. We need to take time now, while we still have fluent speakers, and are doing traditional wellness activities over the next year. Recognizing the language as a key component to enhance the learning and survival of our ways is an immediate need we can meet. There are resource supports available (humans, other existing resources), but need this program to make our language success happen.