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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6047 - Moricetown Band

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Language Revitalization Planning Program
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Opportunities and Challenges
The opportunities for implementing language and cultural projects is that we have a strong desire, committed volunteers, and a lot of young educated people moving home with the hope to strengthen our hereditary system. We have many resources available including a grammar book, history book, and many audio recordings and testimonies from the Delgamuukw Gisdaywa Court case. We also have had many academics write about our culture including many of our own people who have focused on Witsuwit'en resurgence in their studies.
Funding and human resources are our biggest challenge. We have many people who volunteer but are stretched to the max trying to advance our language and culture while maintaining employment elsewhere. It is hoped that creating a registered society will enable us to seek more funding to hire staff to continue providing reliable programs and services to our communities. Also, the greatest challenge is uniting the Witsuwit'en speaking communities. We hope through this project, we can reach out to the leadership in all of the communities to begin working together.