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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6048 - Xaxli'p First Nation

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Language Revitalization Planning Program
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We have an opportunity to learn from a fluent St'at'imc speaker here in urban Vancouver. UBC Professor of linguistics Dr Henry Davis
I have been seeking language classes is the urban Vancouver area for years now. It has been a challenge because there are very few St'at'imc speakers left. When there are community St'at'imc meetings here in Vancouver, language revitalization always comes up. The urban St'at'imc population wants to learn their language and culture. It is not only a want but a need among the people here. We had a meeting last night to discuss language and the want of the urban St'at'imc community. I booked a room at the Native Education College and we had 29 adults and 5 children. The demand here is huge. We want to know the language, we want to preserve our culture. We are interested in decolinzing practices. The group has so many great idea's on how we can proceed if we are able to attain this grant .Kukwstumc (Thank you) for considering us in this project