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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6076 - Shuswap Indian Band

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Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI)
BC Language Initiative (BCLI)
Language and Culture Immersion Camp
Language Revitalization Planning Program
Mentor-Apprentice Program
Pre-school Language Nest
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Opportunities and Challenges
No established programming today, so fresh start! Have space in old band office/hall to hold events/lessons. Coordinator with previous language revitalization experience. Upcoming Youth and possibly Headstart Coordinator to collaborate on various projects. Partnerships with other Secwepemc communities that we can collaborate on events like an immersion culture camp with. These communities could include Splatsin, Sexqeltqin (Adams Lake) and Skwalax, not limiting to only these communities but we have created partnerships on other departments such as lands and resources. We have a band member who is a certified Secwepemc language teacher.
No established programming to date, so getting people involved may be difficult in the beginning. Limited resources (books and speakers) in community. Semi-isolated from other Secwepemc communities, so expenses to bring in teachers and knowledge keepers may be quite costly. We have limited fluent speakers in our community to access for regular classes. The band member who is a certified language teacher does not live in our community at the moment, and will require employment and housing to bring her back home. We do not have an established Headstart program, or Youth program that can help facilitate programs; however with adequate funding we could hire coordinators for different events such as language nests or immersion camps.