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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6175 - Takla Lake First Nation

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BC Language Initiative (BCLI)
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Takla Lake Carrier Dialect
Takla Lake Carrier/Dakelh
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Opportunities and Challenges
We have very few elders living on reserve in our community, and need to gather language information and work with them. To work with our elders, hands on learning with our students at Nus Wadeezulh Community School on a weekly basis. To have daily conversation with our elders in Carrier language while at home, school and in the community. To invite our younger generation, youth and elders on a weekly basis to share the elders knowledge, and document every word, spelling, and stories. To assist in creating a workbook, coloring book, curriculum txt book sets to be establish for our own Band Operated School. To establish an Open Communication Forum with our elders, youth, students, and community members by sharing the Carrier language and eventually create our own Takla Lake Dictionary.
We have very few elders living on reserve, and not so many living away from the community due to their status, that they need to live nearby medical facilities. Our elders are slowly accepting the fact that they cannot remember very much of their past experience, due to dementia. memory loss, or poor eye sight. Their health is deteriorating. Not much of our elders are continuing to be mobile, traveling long distance to their to traditional territory sites within our traditional territories. We have no funds, to acknowledge our elders, by offering honorariums to them when they participate with community events, sch events on our annual community mtg events. We have no curriculum materials, books, art supplies, or equipment to use for our elders to show their skills with our students. Our elders are not able to visit other neighboring communities to share, show and speak their language with other elders, or at their school.