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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6195 - Sacred Wolf Friendship Center

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BC Language Initiative (BCLI)
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Opportunities and Challenges
We understand the need to collaborate with other nations of the Kwakwaka̱'wakw in order to achieve a well balanced language revitalization strategy and are therefore in a situation where we must collaborate with the other First Nations that reside in the traditional territories of the Kwagu'ł surrounding Port Hardy.
One of the aspects of language revitalization that is a challenge for us, is seeking the commitment from enough parents and individuals within our respective communities, as well as, community leadership and administration to offer truly immersive language learning opportunities and also programs that are also committed to the time requirement. By providing a program that seeks the support of community members, parents and members who live off and on reserve, who are committed to immersion and the times required, we can develop a program built on immersion models of learning and overcome this challenge. In addition, it will help to mobilize knowledge regarding the need to establish immersion learning programs on a wide scale. In addition, we are in a situation where collaboration must become central to our language revitalization work. Again, offering a program built on collaboration between individuals who come from our three nations will help us build collaboration into our collective language revitalization efforts. We also see a dire need to move language revitalization into various sectors of the community including health, social wellness, economics and out of the sole confines of education in order to mobilize language revitalization in a multi-sectoral approach.