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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6220 - Skatin

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Geneva Quipp
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Band Administrator
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(778) 906-0223
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Language Revitalization Planning Program
Language and Dialect Information
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There is a small difference in dialect with Statimcets. In Skatin we call our language "Ucwalmicwts".
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Opportunities and Challenges
There is more use of language in the Skatin Community School then there used to be with a language program in the classroom. Now, the elders hear the young people trying to speak and feel proud and excited about it. There are more positive community learning programs happening for adults then there used to be. Before programs in community were only for kids or elders. Now there are the Men's Group and Women's Group for adults. This means people can come together for something to do, for social support, and for learning in their community. As a language program is established it is essential to have systems in place for clear communication with community members. Programs need to have clear expectations. agenda, timelines, and follow through to be succesful. Language programs must be structured so there is always follow through - always taking care to follow through to show that the language is important. Focusing on the language will connect people to traditional activities and natural cycles. These changes will improve food security and improve indivdual health.
Language programs must be conistent. The programs must happen when they say are scheduled to happen. Past programs have not followed through and broken trust with community members. It takes time to build trust, and people feel let down when there isn't follow through on programs. Poor communication with past programs has left some people feeling neglected and unimportant. People need to know that they are important, and they need to feel heard. This requires time, effort, money, and prioritization. Facilators need to be organized and prepared. Community members have experienced programs in the past when facilitators are disorganized and the program is disappointing. Road conditions can be poor, especially in the winter. This can make program delivery (especially bringing people in from outside the community) a challenge.