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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6224 - Xa'xtsa

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Language Revitalization Planning Program
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Ucwalmícwts is the dialect of this community
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Opportunities and Challenges
There are many opportunities for implementing language and culture projects: Involve the whole family: Get the younger ones to start speaking now, because they are much faster at learning Have the parents learn with the children Xa'xtsa has many young children living in the community Understand that consistency matters: Language has to be consistent - parents and children have to hear it regularly Build on the success of other community events: Work with yearly Samahquam Fish Camp and do a 1 month Immersion culture camp in the summer Add to existing community programs: Have a person come to Women's Group, Men's Group, and Daycare The DFN daycare is a really good place to start Add new programs that fill gaps in the community: Create a family cultural group Provide people with hands on learning opportunities: Some people might want drum making, rattles, regalia, beading, fishing, etc People like hands on activities where the language can come out naturally when people are comfortable and trust one another
There are several challenges to implementing language and cultural projects: Consistency: Keeping language programs consistent and ongoing is a challenge - things start and then fizzle out Costs to bring people to Tipella and Port Douglas: - Many of the fluent speakers live off reserve. They may not have car or licence. - Accomodation - if they stay for a couple of days - where would they stay? Don't want to over burden their family. They could stay in the multiplex, but there are other programs happening that use the rooms. - Grocery store is far away - what will visitors eat? Who will cook? Road conditions: Transportation is a challenge because the In-Shuck-ch Road can be in very poor condition