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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6227 - Ulkatcho First Nation

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Language Revitalization Planning Program
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Ulkatcho Dakelh
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Opportunities and Challenges
There opportunities of reviving Dakelh Language Program that has ability to nurture the youth and adults with children and utilizing the elderly age group. Identifying the needs, strengths and weakness will assist with addressing the lack of resources, projects, infrastructure. The outcome of the information and data will help us to assist and overcome any barriers or challenges that suppressed families from having access to their language and culture within their own community. This is a new beginning to revive, reconnect with our language, culture and connect with the land. There are 5 individuals that have their Dakelh Language Certificate, and Traditional Knowledge holers who are able to create new material and teach the Language. There are also elders in the community that can speak, and read the language that are able to help with the planning and preparation of a Dakelh Language Programs.
The challenges with the Dakelh Language is to gather and implement a language program that will encompass the whole community's needs and aspiration, that will reflect the Ulkatcho's vision and mission statement. By reinstating the key stakeholders, language teachers, and membership to collectively engage with the intent of providing and participating in a Dakelh Language Program.