Language Needs Assessment: LNA6479 - Seabird Island Band

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Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI)
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Opportunities and Challenges
The benefit to offering the language program in Seabird and providing transportation would make our goal is to have4 100 people language aware. After talking to many of the First Nations there is a great need for a Language program within our region. Currently there is one class being held at Stolo Nation. It is very difficult for members from the distant communities to attend. Depending on the interest of attendees we may even hold language training at other locations within the region. This is very exciting news for the communities and we look forward to providing programming in the evenings to Seabird and neighboring communities. The goal is to rebuild the critical Halq'eméylem language and offer it to Stó:lō people to rebuild the strength of speakers and to have 20 speakers by 2020.
Challenges will be assessing the interest of each community. Making a plan of how many classes are needed and the locations that will be used to make sure we have no more then 20 people per class. I think a challenge to get all ages involved will be difficult but I hope with the fun learning games we will be creating it will make it more fun for them to learn. Implementing age categories for learning as well, will be a challenge but we have many programs that run currently that reach all age categories and I am confident that we will have no issues reaching 2-65+ in ages.