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Language Needs Assessment: LNA6545 - Stellat'en First Nation Band

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Pre-school Language Nest
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Opportunities and Challenges
Opportunities for this project would be to utilize seniors (elders) knowledge and wisdom in preservation and revitalization of our Dakelh language and culture by documentation and immersion strategies, this will give the seniors an opportunity to visit the old camping sites as well as surrounding communities to refresh their memory. We would be able to give a honorarium as an incentive to participants. We will have the opportunity to capture, record, transcribe the true Stellat'en language and culture. Opportunity for Seniors to reunite. Opportunity to interview off reserve language and culture holders. Create learning opportunities for eager learners. Create the identity of Stellaten First Nations Give Stellatens opportunity to know who they are. Opportunity to instill pride in Stellaten. Will give an opportunity to ground community of who we are. Bridge a gap between Seniors and Children. Opportunity to pave the way to a literacy camp. Opportunity for community to learn Dakelh is our first language. Opportunity to prepare for an emersion camp. opportunity to prepare resources for future generations. Opportunity to maintain a emersion setting. opportunity to create supports for youth. opportunity to motive the Seniors (elders) to teach language and culture.
Our Challenges of the Stellaten Community today, are we have very little documentation of our language and culture history to use to teach the younger generation. Some of the seniors (elders) are beginning to forget some of our history such as songs, legends, balhats, traditions, traditional names, hereditary names. We do have some dysfunctional knowledge and wisdom holders who have been damaged from residential and day schools, Today we have a Head Start School operating with very little resources to teach language and culture, as some of the resource projects are incomplete from former language and culture programs. Stellaten First Nation is in the beginning stage of revitalization. Stellaten Dakelh is endangered. Health of remaining Seniors (elders) such as diabetes, heart problems are an issue. Transportation. We have no language emersion camp. There is a gap between Seniors ( elders) and youth. there are no inspirations for students to continue their education. There is no hope in community to grow and accept who they are. There is no grounding of Stellaten of who they are as First Nations. The identity of youth have not been grounded by their own identity. Challenge is we have little to none recordings and documentation of our history, Balhats, traditions, land and resource history. We have no resource books to put in Grade 1 - 12 schools. We have no curriculum developed. We desperately need to develop Stellaten tools of learning.