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Community Needs Assessments (CNA)

Language Needs Assessment: LNA1870 - Carrier Sekani Tribal Council

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BC Language Initiative (BCLI)
Language and Dialect Information
Several dialects are represented within these groups. Members of the We'suwet'en Nation speak Witsuwit'en dialect of Babine-Witsuwit'en. Elders at Takla lake speak one or both of the Witsuwit'en Babine and Sekani, Tsil Kaz Koh elders speak Witsuwit'en, Babine and Stellakoh Carrier.
Opportunities and Challenges
This would be a great opportuntiy for all Carrier children and youth to exposed to Carrier language as quite a few are transient from Sept-June each school year. There is only a couple of opportunties for young adult or post-secondary students to have access to FN Language class either in CNC (klheidli Tenneh) and UNBC (Nak'azdli and cree) offered as an elective in FN studies or Fine arts programs. Once the Aboirijgal choice school goes ahead they will ahvea langauge class for those students registered at the Carney Hill Elementary School. Some of the high school have FN teachings PG Senior Secondary and in most schools throughout the year have Aboiringal Awareness week but ther again most of the local presenters do not use their language.
The challenge we face iserving off-reserve members from our member Nations is providing langauge & culture specific to their dialect without local FN elders residing in the city Of Prince George. We focus mainly on the Central Carrier language Nak'azdli dialect as this lanaguage group has the most material devloped and readily useable.