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Language Needs Assessment: LNA2273 - Nee Tahi Buhn First Nation

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BC Language Initiative (BCLI)
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Nee Tahi Buhn
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Opportunities and Challenges
We are fortunate that we are able to counteract all of the barriers facing language program development by moulding an initiative that can cater to our specific strengths and mitigate the stated gaps. In regards to the limited number of speakers; our community has recognized the vulnerable position our language is in, and has placed revitalizing language as the top priority. Our motivated band members have flooded band meetings with requests and have proven with tenacity that such a program will flourish. Our elders and language carriers have also expressed a keen interest in mentoring and teaching our youth and anyone who would like to learn. The strategy of completing a local language text that will stress both language growth and traditional practices will be extremely effective in closing the geographic gap between band members, stretch across British Columbia. The text will allow the knowledge of our elders to be transferred to the subsequent generations and ensure the vast caches of cultural wisdom do not disappear. Additionally, we have a burgeoning group of young academics and professionals, who have committed to education and cultural practices in our community.
The primary challenge facing the implementation of a language program in Nee Tahi Buhn is the limited number of speakers in the area. Current numbers are dwindling with the passing of elders, which is placing the community on the precipice of complete language loss. In regards to logistical barriers, we are like most First Nations, which see upwards of half of our population living off-reserve. Our dispersed population puts pressure on any program that requires intensive on-site participation in the initial phases. While this is an obvious disadvantage, it is a set-back which is ubiquitous in Native communities across Canada.