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Language Needs Assessment: LNA3414 - Saulteau First Nations

LNA Status
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BC Language Initiative (BCLI)
Language and Dialect Information
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Dane-Za and Anishnaubemowin
Plains "y" Dialect of Cree
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Opportunities and Challenges
In our community we do have over 50 elders many speaking fluent Cree, and some speaking Dunna-za and Saulteaux. We have approximately 10 elders that are dedicated to creating the book and sharing parts of our culture. Most of our youth do not speak Cree, therefore this project helps bridge the gap in language and build relationships. Our nation in partnership with West Moberly First Nations own a native plant nursery currently utilized for reclamation in our territory. We see this book as a vital handbook not only for our community but industry as well. The ethno-botany project also is a initiative that our elders are taking a lead on. Our meeting are held mostly speaking our Cree language and our elders come to life speaking to one another, this creates pride and ownership in the project. As the youth in the community join the group, they are empowered by the process and learn as they go.
Currently the only limit to the project progressing is the funding component. Currently we only have approximately 20% of our costs covered. With these funds; we have our elders attending meeting, field trips planned, and we have the proposal written and the team in place. We have submitted our proposal to many companies and have received funding from one.