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Language Needs Assessment: LNA3230 - Sliammon, Klahoose and Homalco

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Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI)
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Amalgamation is new this year and until the structure is in place then the elders are identified as the real language authority.
Northern coastal salishan
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Amalgamation is still in the process of Sliammon, Klahoose and Homalco. However all three community leaders publicly stated at a community meeting in October/13 to begin working together in the documentation of the language. Prior to the community meeting, Sliammon and Klahoose leadership were discussing what we need to do to continue documenting the language and also to publish a dictionary to complement the oral recordings on First Voices.
Opportunities and Challenges
The revitalization is exciting to hear in each community. Klahoose has a voluntary community cultural program in which language is often introduced to the younger members via each project - ie weaving. Homalco runs a youth program in which language is often used. Sliammon has a language program at school district #47; community language program. Younger elders who are not fluent are a the documenting team. Youth will be involved as much as possible.
Geographically challenging at time because of ferry disruption. Weather / wind conditions can make it treacherous to reach two of the communities although two of the communities have band boats.