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Language Needs Assessment: LNA3550 - Si'em Media Society

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Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI)
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We also have a group or committee of Elders and speakers giving us guidance.
Opportunities and Challenges
We have recruited a great "cultural" committee to assist in planning, participating in and monitoring our projects. There are younger speakers who are committed to learning and preserving the language. We have recruited a volunteer bookkeeper and a grant writer. We seek assistance and advice from VIU Media. We have a strong partnership with a professional videographer, which includes the equipment. Networking with artists and non-profits is so valuable. We employ a consultant. Visiting other language projects, sharing ideas, and supporting each other has proven to be a great motivator. We wish to continuously learn and train, video and audio recording, editing, computer skills and social media.
The children, once again are learning in the schools, return home to parents and grandparents who do not speak the language. Also, the people who do learn on many levels do not speak the language with others who speak. Even when encouraged, they still return to English. As more adults learn, we must find a place or way to converse in a physical place or a cyber place. We can hear the language in the bighouse or cultural events, and the classroom only. Management skills can be a challenge, and we now have a membership with Volunteer Nanaimo where workshop space and other training is available free. Video and audio recording skills tend to be low. There is a tendency to work in isolation.