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Language Needs Assessment: LNA2172 - Sts'ailes Community School, Sts'ailes Indian Band

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Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI)
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Urban Aboriginal students and families from many First Nations who reside in the territory between Mission and Chilliwack, the route that our school bus services daily.
Opportunities and Challenges
Chehalis is a relatively large First Nation with 1000 members, and the school pulls in even more students from the above mentioned areas. The opportunities for implementing projects are very real and imminent in our situation, as we have been putting building blocks in place for several years. We have the agreement of a translation team to work intensively with place-specific translations to Halq'emeylem (one Master fluent speaker, one semi-fluent and two language learners who are Sto:lo Shxweli trained). Two of the team are already teachers at the school and are committed to working in this additional capacity when school is closed. We have a K4 Preschool Halq'emeylem Immersion Program, and a Kindergarten to Grade 7 Cultural Curriculum that has been developed in our school and is awaiting translation to have immersion in Culture Class for students. We have an Elders Program in the school, and a new language lab that is being developed with another funding source in order to provide access to community members for evening language classes, and for students to practice and replay earlier face-to-face lessons. The community is very motivated, the Chief and Council have acknowledged language acquisition as a high priority for the community, and the school has been provisioning the pieces for a functioning language lab and program for the past 2 years.
The main challenges are lack of funding to support programs, and limited number of, and availability of fluent language speakers. In addition to these, we need to have the technological capacity for the recording, digitization, storage and archiving of our Elders and language speakers translations, oral knowledge and songs and stories. We are building capacity over the past 2 years but have some needs unmet as funding remains limited.