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ESE PETER BROWN, SÁN C̸EN SNÁ I'm Peter Brown, whats your name? SENĆOŦEN / Malchosen / Lekwungen / Semiahmoo / T’Sou-ke
explanation of X̱aad Kil dialects This is a clip where Mary Swanson explains the dialects of X̱aad Kil X̱aad Kil / X̱aaydaa Kil (Haida)
Gitanmaax name a band of the Gitxsan First Nation Gitsenimx̱
Gitanyow name of a community of Gitxsan people Gitsenimx̱
Gitsanimx̱ eastern dialect of Gitsenimx̱ spoken by the Gitxsan Nation communities of Kispiox, Glen Vowell, Gitanmaax Gitsenimx̱
Gitsegukla Gitsenimx̱
Gitwangak name of a band council Gitsenimx̱
Gwawaʼenuw Ak-Kwa-Mish Kwak̓wala
Gwawaʼenux̱w Gwawaenuk Kwak̓wala
haawaa Thank you X̱aad Kil / X̱aaydaa Kil (Haida)