"The Skeetchestn Indian Band has nearly 500 members, and 7969 hectares of land that is sectioned into 3 areas in the Deadman's Creek and Thompson River area."[[quoted from]]

Skatin Nations

"The community of Skatin (or Skookumchuck) is located on the east side of the Lillooet River, on the 19-Mile Post of the old Harrison-Lillooet wagon road (about 35 kilometres from the head of Harrison Lake). Before the arrival of European settlers, this community was considered to be the largest on the lower Lillooet River, comparable in size to the pre-contact village of present-day Mount Currie (or Lilwat'ul).


The main community for the Shackan is on the Nicola River about 20km from the mouth of the Thompson River.

Tsal'álh (Seton Lake)

The Tsal'álh traditional territory is on the shores of Seton Lake and Anderson Lake, where about half of their members live on seven reserves that are over 1800 hectares in size.

Samahquam Nation

"The recently re-constructed community of Baptiste-Smith, located at the southwest end of Little Lillooet Lake on the Lillooet River system, is the newest of those along the Lillooet River. It is the current residence of members of the Samahquam [shah-MAH-kwum] Nation, who had previously lived on the Samahquam Reserve (I.R. 1) about 5 kilometres south of Baptiste-Smith (I.R. 1b)."[[1363]]


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