N’Quatqua is located in the southern Coast Mountains at the community of D'Arcy where the British Columbia Railway meets the head of Anderson Lake and about midway between the towns of Pemberton and Lillooet.


Nooaitch is on the Nicola River about 10km west of the Canford C.P. railway station.

Lower Nicola Indian Band

"The Lower Nicola Indian Band belongs to the Scw’́exmx (“People of the Creeks”) branch of the Nłeʔkepmx Nation of the Interior Salish peoples of British Columbia. The Band has ten reserves (totaling 17,500+ acres) surrounding the town of Merritt."[[160]]

Douglas First Nation

"The community of Douglas is situated at the northern end of Little Harrison Lake, which is connected by the Douglas Channel to the much larger Harrison Lake. This is the southern most of the In-SHUCK-ch community and also of the entire Lillooet [St̓át̓imcets] linguistic group. Another community on the west side of the Lillooet River, commonly known as Tipella, is affiliated with the community of Douglas, since most of the members of Xa'xtsa [HAHK-cha] Nation (commonly known as the Douglas Band) presently live here."[[1363]]


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